That Fateful Night


Lifted from my Facebook account:

The police came and left a calling card by our door…

And so we anxiously ticked the things that could possibly put us in trouble. Our thoughts went from being analytical to maybe-these-little-things-could-put-an-investigator-at-our-backs i.e design of my husband is subject to security check, jaywalking, not holding my son’s hand when crossing the street, laughing out loud all the time, occasionally putting shirts to dry in our terrace, checking on us because of the Pacquiao loss … Okay, we ran out of ideas already.

We called and called the station. When at last we got hold of the Constable, we found out they thought my husband is a taxi driver involved in some “incident.” **sigh**

And we collapsed in disbelief, laughter (trying not to laugh too hard this time) and relief.

***But in all fairness to the officers we’ve spoken with that night, they were kind, respectful  and considerate. Nonetheless, the incident raised our anxiety levels. You know that kind of thing when the teacher tells you to see him after class even when you know you didn’t do anything bad. That’s the same feeling.

My Merry Ferry Birthday

One year! It took me one year to update this blog. And so goes without saying that it’s also been a year since I gave up everything in Pinas and came to the Oz. It’s been a hectic one year but I’m taking things easy at this time, doing fulltime mummy-ing. (And my alter ego is screaming at me that there’s nothing easy about mummy-ing)

Anyway, we decided to go to the city for my birthday “gala.” And we took the ferry going to the city, it was sooo cool. (Oh well, literally too). And the weather was soo cooperative. It was a lovely day to be out.


And I never knew there are so much sights to see when you’re on a ferry. You could actually see most of the city. I’ve never had a birthday ferry trip, so forgive me if I sound like a little girl gushing about her first.


We went to hear mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral and had a simple lunch out under the Aussie sun. I had so much fun (and my son as well). We dropped by Strathfield Park before going home and dear son had more time playing there.

Thank you God for everything. Thanks Honey and MK! for the great time.

Welcome to the land down under

As I was leaving the house, a van drove its way inside the gate and the driver said something I didn’t quite hear. Scaredy cat that I am, I  tried to make a mad dash to the nearby gas station where there are surely other people. But the guy quickly asked if I lived in the house, and to which I nodded. He’s delivering  a package, he said.

So that was it. And he’s obviously just a postman, contrary to what my imagination made me believe. With my scared countenance, I must have looked funny to him. But so what. I am new to this place and getting scared to strangers must be natural.

And yes, here I am in the land down under. Finally. It feels good to be here in this wonderful place but it’s also scary. Scary — simply because I have yet to familiarize  myself with everything (though it’s not my first time here).

I am starting a new life here, practically from scratch. Scary because this is not my comfort zone.

I am currently living with a couple,  who are so nice to let me in their home while I’m still looking for employment. The wife is a former officemate of mine. Their friendship as well as their home is a source of comfort for now. But soon, I know I will have to carve my path and face my fears and challenges of being in this new place on my own. Scared, yes but I know I will get over it in time.

And that postman scare this morning will just be a dry leaf to be blown by the wind, and will be replaced of numerous  new leaves of memories here in Oz. Surely.

Cut Off


This was the prompt I got when I tried to access the network elements early this morning. For a split second I was bewildered. And then it dawned on me that they must have cut my rights to view the network. It was somehow a reminder that I made a choice and that I already handed my resignation.That’s final.

I tried to shake it but sadness enveloped me, and even as I drove home. Couldn’t really help feeling emo. After all, I had almost-maximum network access for 10 years. Yeah, ten long years. You bet finding out that I no longer have access is heavy in my heart. There goes my ten years and I believe I made most of the ten years I spent in the company. But life goes on. I made a choice and I’ll do my best to be happy with what I have now and what the future will offer.

Cutting Loose

I handed my resignation letter today. Finally.

I have mixed emotions but right now, I don’t want to dwell on them. :-)

Instead, I’ll move forward one step at a time, to reach my goal. Our goal.

This was what I posted at Our MKs.


And I mean every letter of that post.

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